Allergy and Immunology

  • Allergy Prich Test for inhalants and food

  • Bronchial functionality test (spirometry)

  • Patch Test for chemicals

  • Immune system disorders

  • Urticaria and Atopic Exema
  • immuno activators therapy to reduce reccurent infections

  • Homeopathy and Fitotherapy

  • Diagnosis and treatment of psycosomatic Pathologies

  • Fat losing treatments

Homeopathy, Phitotherapy, Integrated Medicine

Allopatic traditional medicine treats diseases.

In the holistic integrated medicine we treat the person in the respect of the unique individuality.

Using integrated medical techniques Holistic medicine helps the patient to solve his energetic blocks often creating limits, pathologies and conditionaments.

It is in the mind-body integration that happens the requilibration and the armonical evolution of the individual.

Creating as well a therapeutic alliance between physician and patient with total gestion of the problem open toward the needs of patient on phisical and psychological level.

In ths office we follow this way.


  • Homeopathy
  • Phitotherapy
  • Relational gestion of psycosomathic pathologies.
  • Integrated Medicine.


Allergy and Pediatric Immunology, Pediatrics

  • Pediatric visit for children disases focused on the mind-body unity of the child and the relationship whit the parents.
  • Allergy skin tests for respirathory and food allergies.

  • Bronchial respirathory test (spirometry)

  • Immune activators treatment for children whith recurrent infections.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of athopic dermatitis and urticaria.

  • Homeopathy and Phitotherapy.for children whith Asthma, eating disorthers, sleeping,  gastrointestina disorthers.

  • Fat loosing treatment for children, personalized diets.
  • Homeopathy and Phitotherapy for children.